Meet Elijah “Li-Li” Grand!!

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Elijah just started college this year and he’s about to jump headfirst into the real world. Now to Elijah’s friends, he doesn’t come off as the most social person in the world and that’s probably because he really doesn’t like to hang out with people IRL at all. Instead he likes to be e-social by way of in-game chats or forums and when he’s not doing that, he’s either writing or drawing in his journal.

All this seems pretty normal, except for the fact that Elijah has started to see himself as his Avatar!

And his friends HATE IT.



But this year Elijah has set a goal for himself.



He spent most of his High School life hiding away, BUT NOW he has vowed to step outta his shell and try something new!



But Elijah isn’t sure what he wants in life as far as boys, sex and romance are concerned, however one thing is for sure he definitely wants to experience all that he can…Just, maybe not all at once.



So Join Elijah as he takes his first steps into the big bad world.